Thursday, April 4, 2013

Survive: By Definition

Survive: By Definition

To remain alive or in existence

To carry on despite hardship or trauma


To live, persist

To remain functional or usable

To cope with trauma

To persevere after

Survival: By Definition

The act or fact of surviving

especially under adverse or unusual circumstances

Survivor: By Definition

A person or thing that survives or endures

One who survives


el poquito said...

...and don't forget the etymology:
sur - above/over
vivire - to live

to live above, beyond; to rise above.

Hey kiddo. Just took a peek in here and found you being all prolific and creative at the end of winter/ budding of spring.

You're doing good work, I see. I like that next one where you're speaking to the little one. Perspective. It helps. And that list of gratitudes.

sending you some spring relief on the wind [pollen-free]. and you know, if you ever want to drop one of these easter eggs of yours off at the cabin door they [and you] always have a seat at the table - a slightly wobbly table though it may be.

cheers, auntie lala. nice dropping in on you.

lakshmi said...

Hi Ed!

Thanks for dropping by. I've been MIA all over the place lately and only just saw your comments. Perspective is important as is finding a voice with which to express all this stuff. I'm glad you liked them. :) I would love some pollen-free wind! Send it on over. See you around....<3 Lala